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Designer Red Mulch


Our designer red mulch is made up of recycled pallets. The clean, virgin wood makes it easy to maintain its vivid color longer than traditional mulch, lasting as long as 6 months depending on the amount of sunlight and it receives. In fact, all of our designer colored mulches are made of ground up wood, usually pallets.  These mulches contain little to no bark at all and are 100% wood. 


Once the pallets are ground up to look like mulch, the ground material is dyed so it has a deep color.  Today a lot of people like these mulches because they create a high-end, clean look that will add to any landscape.  However, as with traditional mulch, you should periodically use a rake to loosen up your colored mulch. This helps prevent fungal growth and improves plant hydration by allowing air and water to pass through.

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