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All soils are complex mixtures of minerals, organic materials, water and air. Different types of soil have their own unique set of characteristics and are a better fit for certain landscape areas or needs.  Our pine fines, for example, are naturally acidic and are a great soil choice for plants that enjoy an acidic environment like azaleas, magnolias. They can also be used to adjust your hydrangea color, to a deeper purple or blue if desired. If you're looking to establish a new garden or simply enrich the dirt for an existing garden, then our 50/50 blend of compost and topsoil might be a better fit for you needs and we mix it up on site daily. Whether you are looking to improve drainage, manage erosion, backfill or simply plant new garden beds we have the right soil for any of your lawn and garden needs.

Morgan Landscape Supply has been serving quality mulch to locals in Raleigh, NC and the surrounding triangle areas for nearly a decade. We offer a wide variety of soils, including pine fines, topsoil, compost, 50/50 blend, soil builder and any custom soil blends you may need. We have a knowledgeable, professional support team that can help you decide what materials would be best for your next project. Call us today 919-755-3679 so we can help you with your next landscaping project.

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