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Preparing For Spring



Living in North Carolina, we deal with some unique weather.  In the triangle- Raleigh area we can go from 70 degrees one week and then have snow storm warnings the next - que the rush to buy all the bread and water from the grocery store.  It confuses the Bartlett Pears, Forsythia and sometimes our children (who insist on wearing shorts because they were able to the week before).  In January, you will likely only need ice melt  It is a good time to clean out your beds in preparation for re-mulching and pine straw.


February in the Raleigh Durham triangle area is generally pretty mild, where we all cross our fingers for the groundhog to see his shadow, though the accuracy of that time honored tradition is about as good as any local weather forecaster, hit or miss. This is a great time to apply your pre-emergent, such as 0-0-7 for your plant beds or your turf or 19-0-6 with perdiamine for Bermuda.


But once we hit the end of March, it generally settles back into daily highs between 60 and 68 degrees and rarely drops below 27 degrees. It's the perfect time to bring your warm weather grasses out of dormancy, likely Bermuda and Zoysia in our area. We recommend using 19-0-6, 16-4-8 or some cases 40-0-0, but only if you are prepared to spend your week watering and mowing.  

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